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How to Create a Simple Plan for Social Media

If you want to make sure you always have a variety of content circulating on social media—but you don’t want a massive burden on your time and focus—you need to create a social media plan. Laying out a plan for what you post will help you keep your page fresh and interesting—which is what you need to do to grow your fan base. To get your plan started, first break down your content into [...]

How to Create Content That Turns Fans into Customers

Likes, shares, follows and comments on social media are great, but if they aren’t turning into paying customers, you may need to tweak your strategy. It is possible to turn online fans into paying customers. You just have to remember one very important thing: No one goes on social media to buy products.— They go there to connect, share, learn and laugh. That means that your job is not to sell things, but to [...]

Customer Personas and Avatars: Get Beyond the Basics and Dig Deep

If you want to excel at marketing your business and landing customers, you have to do a better job of understanding who they are. You probably have a general idea of who your customers are based on who has signed up and experienced your tours in the past. You probably know a general age range, some sense of who buys your tours, and from which cities or countries they come from. You may also [...]

Pssst… You’re Not Marketing, You’re Selling. And It’s Killing Your Business

“Marketing” and “selling” are often used interchangeably. But there is a substantial difference between these two concepts. And it’s necessary to understand that difference if you want to attract more customers, spend less on ads and remain competitive in your highly saturated market. First, let’s take a look at each concept. Then let’s talk about how you should use them. Marketing focuses on your customer. Plain and simple. Marketing is all about understanding your customer’s [...]

How to WIN at Content Marketing

Content marketing is creating and sharing online material—meaning your blogs, articles, videos and social media posts— to build interest and awareness around your business and the tours you offer. It’s a strategic marketing approach. It focuses on creating and distributing consistent content that is of value. What do I mean “of value”? I mean that the content you share contains snippets of information that help solve a need or problem for your [...]

5 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Make Facebook Ads Work (And How to Fix It)

Time and time again I hear how outdoor adventure businesses find Facebook ads “a total waste of money.” They try promoting their tours or boosting a post, and end up seeing only minimal results. Facebook is a powerful platform. The company has worked hard to attract and retain users. People of all generations, with all sorts of interests. And they are providing you with the unique opportunity to reach these people with your ads. [...]