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All it takes is one.

One sign-up. One lead. One purchase. One experience with your business. After that, your customer is hooked for life.

But having the time and know-how to create marketing campaigns that convert? That’s your biggest challenge. Work with me and I will help you turn your passion and expertise into a marketing campaign that turns lookers into new leads and sales for your business.

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Marketing Campaigns That Convert

My name is Marie Hunter, and I help small businesses generate more leads and sales with ease.

How do I do it? By using resources you already have—your expertise, your excitement, your team and your products—to help you design campaigns that bring in the right visitors, and turn them into future customers.

I have extensive experience in helping passionate small business owners reach and connect with the communities they love. My business technical experience and digital marketing expertise are all focused on what works: leveraging my clients’ skill, enthusiasm and brand power to create valuable content, deliver great leads and increase and sales.

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Marie Hunter
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Email Marketing Campaigns

I’ll help you create a beautifully designed email marketing campaign for your pre-orders, webinars, product launches and workshops, that will build a list of fresh leads and sales for your business.

~Prices start at $1500 CAD per project.


Email Marketing Testimonial:

“The team at Hunter Digital really are masters of their craft. Insightful and patient teachers we not only benefited from their help with Lead Generation during the project we also learned a great deal about how to use lead generation and digital strategies in our business in the future. We loved that at the end of the program we also had many great resources and analytics to use going forward. Great value and great folks to work with”

Tech Help

I can help you connect your tech to create a flawless experience for you and your customers, whether it’s adding a Facebook Pixel to your site, setting up Google Analytics, connecting your landing page to your email provider or making sure your payment gateway is collecting sales. I’ll walk you through how to set it up so you’ll feel confident and in control when it comes to the technology pieces that help you run your business.

~$95/hour CAD (minimum 1 hour)

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Tech Testimonial:

I consider myself a complete “Webasaurus.” As a preschool teacher and preschool owner, my tech level is very basic and in deciding to expand my preschool I reached out to Marie for help in bringing me and my business into this century! Marie was kind and patient in explaining her moves. In the process, I resisted a couple of changes and she was very thorough and assertive in the reasons behind her choices of platforms and ways of accomplishing it. Working with Marie has been a true pleasure, she has held my hand through a process that was very overwhelming and pushed me into the technological deep end… and I’m swimming!!! While I am by no means an expert, I feel like one, having Marie in my corner will open up new doorways for my business and I’m excited to explore the new possibilities this opens up for my creativity.  I highly recommend working with Marie, she brings warmth, joy, ease, so much knowledge and resourcefulness into the tech-innovation process and now I don’t feel like a complete dinosaur in this tech world!
Vanessa Raderman, Greenleaf Montessori
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Virtual Summits

Virtual summits are an excellent way to catch the attention of potential customers, drive high-quality traffic to your website, grow your email list and land several new customers at once.

How do you set up your virtual summit so it runs flawlessly? How do you find great speakers? And what do I need to do to get my summit in front of my ideal customers?

That’s where I come in. I’ve created and hosted four successful virtual summits over the last 2 years growing our email list by 200% each time.

And I put all my tips and tricks for hosting a successful summit in this free checklist. It includes everything from choosing a name for your summit, to finding and managing speakers, promotion plan, landing sponsors and what to do after your event wraps up.

Grab your free summit checklist here!

Virtual Summit Testimonial:

I was referred to Elevate by a fellow speaker, so I went into it blindly, knowing nothing of past events, and was very impressed by Marie’s professionalism, communication and organization. It was a great conference to be involved with, and I would absolutely participate in the future.

I really enjoyed dedicating two full days to refresh my marketing knowledge in the comfort of my house. I took some great tips that will allow me to support others and apply for my own business. Thank you very much for a ton of valuable information.

Mariana K., Elevate Marketing Summit 2020 Attendee

Who we love working with

If your business is focused on an engaged community—entrepreneurs, art enthusiasts, parents, travelers, readers, foodies, any group that is always hungry to learn more—you are connected to a thousand possible ways to draw in your audience. Get in touch, and let’s talk about what we can do together.

Marie Hunter Delivers Marketing Campaigns That Convert

My business background, my mastery of digital marketing and my deep understanding of community-driven small enterprise make me the best person to build your next marketing campaign. Contact me and find out how I can help you increase leads and sales.

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