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All it takes is one.

One booking. One purchase. One experience with your business. After that, your customer is hooked for life.

But having the time and know-how to create a landing page that converts? That’s your biggest challenge. In one week I will turn your passion and expertise into a landing page that turns lookers into new leads and sales for your business.


Landing Pages That Convert

My name is Marie Hunter, and I help small businesses generate more leads and sales with ease.

How do I do it? By using resources you already have—your expertise, your excitement, your team and your products—to design great landing pages that bring in the right visitors, and turn them into future customers.

I have extensive experience in helping passionate small business owners reach and connect with the communities they love. My business training and digital marketing expertise are all focused on what works: leveraging my clients’ skill, enthusiasm and brand power to create valuable content, deliver great leads and increase bookings and sales.

Here are some of the ways my landing pages can help small businesses:

  •   Pre-orders for your book launch so you can reach #1 in your category on Amazon
  •   Webinar signups that help you build a list of fresh leads and sales for your business
  •   More bookings that fill seats for your upcoming adventure tours
  •   Sales for your upcoming workshop, course or digital event
  •   A growing list of high-quality leads from your free downloads (like an e-book or guide)
  •   Digital marketing training for your team (such as the Elevate Marketing Summit)

If your business is focused on an engaged community—entrepreneurs, art enthusiasts, parents, travelers, readers, foodies, any group that is always hungry to learn more—you are connected to a thousand possible ways to draw in your audience. Get in touch, and let’s talk about what we can do together.

Marie Hunter
Marie HunterOwner & Chief Adventurer

Why My Landing Pages Work

See an example of my work

Key Benefits to Working with Me

The customer-focused landing page strategy that I’ll create for your business WILL convert visitors into new leads and more sales.

  • In one week I will create a beautifully designed landing page for your next marketing campaign
  • Working with me will save you countless hours trying to find the right combination of eye-catching images and compelling copy that turns lookers into leads
  • I’ll seamlessly integrate your new landing page with your email provider or payment gateway so you can collect leads and sales on auto-pilot

Marie Hunter Delivers Landing Pages That Convert

My business background, my mastery of digital marketing and my deep understanding of community-driven small enterprise makes me the best person to build your landing page. Contact me and find out how I can help you increase leads and sales.

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