Content, content, content.

If you’ve been looking into efficient online marketing strategies, you’ve likely come across the word a whole lot. And there is a very good reason for that. Content marketing is one of the most important brand- and revenue-building tools of the modern era, and learning the basics is close to necessary if you want to grow your business. 

Here are the 6 main benefits of using content marketing to reach new customers, build relationships and earn more revenue.

1. It improves how you show up in Google search

When your customers use Google to look for information about whatever it is they need or want to know, the top hits in their search results will include the companies that frequently post relevant and engaging content about that subject. And if they happen to be looking for something related to your business, you 100% want to be among those results.

Frequently creating and posting excellent content puts your page in front of the right audience at the moment when the interest they’re searching for aligns with the services you provide. You can’t ask for a better opportunity than to be discovered by the perfect customer at the very instant they’re looking for what you offer. 

What kind of content will improve search rank?

Happily enough, anything that taps into your own expertise as a small business owner. Think of the things your customers want to know when they come to you. 

Are you a business coach? Blog your top tips for going into a salary negotiation. 

Maybe you’re about to launch an online course—why not create a blog post that digs down into one of the module topics? Or you could even create a checklist of action items (or themes, or gear, or…) for one or each module.

Let’s say you run a creative art studio for kids, and you want to show parents how art can enhance their kids’ imagination. You could create a blog post that reveals all the connections between how art and improvements in imagination, creativity, and fine and gross motor skills, with the extra benefit of encouraging critical thinking skills. 

These are all just examples—conjure up your own ideal customer in your mind, and ask yourself what might inspire them, entertain them, take them deeper into their passion—or, best of all, educate them!

How-to posts are particularly effective, because they solve a problem for your audience.

2. It increases organic traffic—so you can get tons of leads

Having to lay down a ton of money to get on the first page of a Google user’s search results can be frustrating when other companies are just showing up there for free.

So become one of those companies with a great content marketing plan!

“Organic traffic” is any visitors brought to your website—for free—via links they find on search engines, social media or any other online source. Putting a bit of effort into attracting organic traffic is a great way to reduce your marketing costs and your reliance on online ad spending.

If you are consistently creating valuable content like helpful articles and how-to videos that help someone plan, decide, purchase, feel knowledgeable, feel connected, feel inspired, or even just enjoy their favourite activity—virtually or in real life—you are going to find your pages and posts being shared, linked to, landed on and returned to—again and again. And each one of those visitors is an opportunity to get a new email address for your list. 

That email address is what’s called a “lead,” and leads are gold.

What kind of content will increase organic traffic?

Again, it depends on your industry and what your audience is searching for. But in general, focus on inspiring and helpful information. Information that makes them feel more secure and more prepared. Something that busts a myth or eases a fear. Ideally, offer them tips or tools that will give them a “small win”—something they can act on right now that leads to an instant result.

That result gets them excited and eager to come back for more—and maybe to tell their friends about you!

And you can do this in many forms, too. It could be a blog post, a photo essay, a checklist or quick guide, or a simple iPhone video offering tips, sneak peeks or a fun moment in time.

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3. It’s the most cost-effective way to generate new leads

Do you have a newsletter that no one signs up for?

It might be because you’re not offering your customers any value. People are skeptical about signing up for what might be another barrage of emails that’s going to clog up their inbox and beg for their money. Don’t be that guy! Focus on what you can offer them—and let them know explicitly what they can expect in return for that email address.

When you offer great content that provides a benefit, your visitors will hand over their email to you without a second thought. 

What kind of content will bring in new email subscribers?

How about a simple two-page beginner’s guide that your audience can download and save on their phone? Or a list of lifehacks that only insiders know about? Leverage your expertise. 

Another idea is to stop referring to your email subscription as a newsletter.

Here’s an example of what one savvy business coach, Jadah Sellner, is doing to generate more leads when someone lands on her website:

Jadah Sellner's email list

Or how about what this communication stylist, Nikki Elledge Brown uses on her website to attract new leads:

Nikki Elledge Brown's email list

Bottom line?

People aren’t afraid of receiving too many emails—they’re afraid of receiving too many emails that don’t mean anything to them. Make your content useful, inspiring and relevant, and they’ll come clamouring for it

4. It encourages more sales 

You have a goal: you want to sell. You want to move more product, boost that launch, get more clients, get more people signing up for your event.

But here’s the problem: if you haven’t been building a solid, trusted relationship with the people on your email list, that “sell sell sell” vibe you’re beaming off is going to bring their defenses up, fast. And when those defenses come up, nobody’s buying anything. 

So how can you break this stalemate? By filling the time between your sales cycles and launch promotions with regular, useful, benefit-offering, not-overtly-selling, value-driven content. Content that doesn’t ask them for anything.

Good content keeps people engaged, and guides them along the journey from discovery to sale. When people become receptive to what you have to say—because you regularly say useful, informative, non-demanding things—they’ll be more receptive to your sales pitches, too. 

And there’s another way good content increases sales: when you offer information that’s designed to help people make a decision, it’s YOU who will be at the front of their mind when they’re ready to pull out that credit card or sign up for that service. Double win.

What kind of content encourages sales?

Have you ever considered hosting a webinar? They’re a smart way to demonstrate your expertise in your area, and use what you know (and what your customers want to know) to provide value, build awareness around what you offer, and encourage the people attending the webinar to take the next step—whether that’s booking your service, buying a product, signing up for an event, buying a book or registering for membership. And, all the while, you’re building trust by putting a friendly voice, face or name to your company.

Another idea is a simple FAQ page that answers all of the common questions you hear from the customers who contact you. Make them feel comfortable, make them feel reassured, make them feel excited, and you’ll make them come to you.

5. It fills your social media feeds with interesting, fresh and personalized content

Every piece of content you create can be used and re-used for multiple social media posts on multiple channels.

And by sharing helpful and entertaining posts, pics and videos, you build a relationship with people, and inspire them to follow you for more. That builds your following across all your platforms, which builds more brand awareness as they interact with you and their friends see it. 

Even better—when they like or comment on your post, there’s a good shot that their friends—particularly their like-minded friends—will see that post in their own feeds, too. And then maybe they’ll follow you as well. And so on, and so on. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing a healthy growth in your online audience.

What kind of content works for social media?

Everything and anything I’ve already mentioned in this article.

The important thing is that it falls into one of the three key categories: inspiring, educational or entertaining. Images and videos are great for this. So are blog posts that provide more information about a specific area, product type, activity (or piece of gear, or dos and don’ts, or bests and worsts, or . . . you get the idea).

Need specific examples? No problem.

Below are some post we share over on Instagram for our Elevate Marketing virtual summit. The idea is to educate, inspire and connect with these types of posts.

Speaker Quotes

We leverage what our speakers share during the summit and turn them into helpful quotes and tips.

Speaker quote

Blog Post Graphics

We create customized and branded graphics to share blog posts created through Hunter Digital, using Canva.

Blog graphic

Personal Stories

We share behind the scenes and personal stories of what it takes to build a summit and a business.

Leverage what you know best about your specific area of business. Use it to create outstanding content.

6. It increases trust and builds credibility—you are the expert! 

Content based on your own know-how is a happy two-way street: your customers are getting content that is useful, interesting and fresh, and you are getting the chance to show off your expertise!  

They came for the how-to (or the review, or the checklist, or the insider tips) that you created, but while they consume it, they are also quietly absorbing the message that you know what you are talking about.

Your own original, unique, problem-solving content is an opportunity to show the world that you are passionate and knowledgeable about your field, and that you can be trusted to do a good job. 

When you’re deciding which among a range of competitors you should invest your time or money in, wouldn’t you go with the one who cares? Who takes an authentic interest in their field? Who’s an expert? I would. So be that person. Show off what you know.

Over to you

There are some serious benefits when it comes to content marketing: everything from improved website traffic to more followers to an actual increase in bookings. The key is to take the time to get to know your customers and your followers, and to consider what types of information they might be looking for. Think about problems or concerns they have about a future purchase, business challenge or favourite activity, and help them solve that problem or ease those concerns—whether it be through a post, a download, a video or an online Q&A. 

Keep it simple, and use your own expertise. You have it, they want it. So share it!

Want to learn how to create eye-catching content on a budget?

Elevate Marketing Summit

Elevate Marketing Summit is happening March 10 & 11 and it’s all about content marketing: how to create it, curate it, and collaborate on it for exponential results.

We have over 15 speakers and topics lined up over these two days with a mix of pre-recorded and live sessions.

The best part is, it’s completely FREE to attend.

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