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About Marie Hunter

What do I do?

I help adventure companies book more tours through lead generation.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. It’s more than marketing—it’s building real relationships with people who like what you do.

When you have direct contact information for a person who you know has an interest in what you have to offer, that’s a high-quality lead. Lead generation is drawing those people’s attention with an offer that is designed to be of high value to them—something they’ll hand over their contact information for.  

Create an offer that solves a problem or adds something to their lives, and they’ll happily give you their name and email address to get it. And that’s the first step toward a true relationship—and a long-term customer.

Marie Hunter, Owner of Hunter Digital

Why do I think it’s super important to constantly generate fresh leads?

Just focus on drawing in web traffic—through ads, for example— and, sure, you may get a lot of new visitors. But that investment is wasted if you don’t know who those visitors are, and can’t follow up with them.

But when you put up an offer that makes the visitors who are truly interested in what you do stop and pay attention—and then type in their contact info—then you have taken control! That web traffic is no longer anonymous, and you are no longer helpless in watching those visitors come and go.

I believe (ok, actually, I know) that lead generation is the best way to follow up, get personal and build a relationship with the people who are trying to figure out how to spend their time off. I see it as the difference between blindly throwing coins in a stream and doing some expert fishing with well-chosen bait.

In short? It’s how you generate outstanding ROI on your marketing dollars.

Marie Hunter Mountain Biking
Marie Hunter and family in Banff, AB

Why do I specialize in tourism and adventure travel?

I have loved to travel the world since the day of my very first plane flight. To date, I have visited more than 45 countries and my bucket list is still full with places I want to go. I have travelled for fun, travelled for work (I once spent 10 months on the road with my husband, working on the go while we visited 17 different countries), travelled for knowledge, and travelled for excitement.

And even when I’m home, here in beautiful British Columbia, you will find me in the mountains and in the woods, snowboarding, mountain biking, or venturing into the backcountry to camp in the true wilderness. I’ve also gone hang-gliding, zip-lining, fat biking, ice climbing, scuba diving and even skydiving.

All this to say: I get adventure! I get what’s incredible about what you offer, and I get what your customers are looking for.

What else?

Need to know a little more about me?

I am the creator and host of Elevate Marketing Summit. A free virtual marketing conference designed for the tourism industry.

I’m also a Board Member with TORCA (the Tri-Cities Offroad Cycling Association). I help with marketing and promotions, along with getting my hands dirty at a few trail days.

I have a degree in business administration from Capilano University.

Remember when I said my bucket list is still full? My next big dream trip is to go on a mountain bike adventure in New Zealand. I love ribs! And coffee… but not at the same time.

I often present to tourism operators at industry conferences. Most recently, I  spoke at the annual BC Tourism Conference.

I also teach workshops on lead generation and other digital marketing strategies, and I blog on these topics here.

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