Likes, shares, follows and comments on social media are great, but if they aren’t turning into paying customers, you may need to tweak your strategy.

It is possible to turn online fans into paying customers. You just have to remember one very important thing: No one goes on social media to buy products.— They go there to connect, share, learn and laugh.

That means that your job is not to sell things, but to post content that helps those people connect, share, learn and laugh. When you show up as a friend, rather than a salesperson, you begin to build relationships and trust.

And relationships and trust are what will help you stand out above the noise, and turn your fans into happy customers.

And it all starts with the type of content you share.

Content Should Fall into One of Three Categories

Almost everything you post should be inspirational, educational or entertaining. Anything that falls outside of these three themes, like promotional content, should be used sparingly or not at all.

Let’s dig a little deeper into what this means.

Inspirational content is something is quick and snackable. For the most part, these posts t are short and snappy, speak to the customer’s desires, and piques their interest.

Here is a great example of some inspirational content:

Screen shot of Tucan Travel Facebook Post

Educational content helps people make informed decisions—whether that means advice on what kind of product or tour to buy, or, even better, offering tips and tutorials on how to pack for a multiday hike, how to improve the efficiency of a paddle stroke, what tires are best for what kind of bike runs, or anything else that falls into your area of expertise.

The example post below hits all the marks for great educational content:

Screen shot of Sacred Rides Facebook Post

Entertaining content is something fun you post that brings joy and laughter. It’s something on the lighter side that makes your audience smile, click “share” or want to participate in the conversation.

Here’s an excellent piece of educational content:

Screen shot of Tucan Travel Facebook Post

These three content categories are not mutually exclusive. For example, you might find that your content is often inspirational and entertaining, or entertaining and educational, which is totally fine.

Once you have the knack for posting content in these three categories, you can start to mix it up, or tailor your content to your specific community by adding in regionally or topically relevant material. Remember, this is only a rule of thumb—it’s up to you to add your own personality to your posts.


It’s also important to remember that this “rule of threes” doesn’t mean you can never promote your own tours and adventure activities. Just do it sparingly. Or, find a creative way to mention a tour that’s inspiring, educational and entertaining.

Like this:

Screen shot of Sacred Rides Facebook Post

When you focus on serving the needs and wants of your fans, you build brand awareness, create relationships with potential customers and become a part of a bigger conversation around travel and adventure.

All of this helps you stand out from the other companies, while creating content that is something your audience actually wants. Once you’re doing that, you’ll find that you won’t have to fight to get your customers’ attention—they’ll be coming to you, to see what you’re going to post next.

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