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How Hunter Digital designed an automated email sequence that generated a 200% return for Spirit of the West Adventures.

Executive Summary

Hunter Digital created a successful automated lead generation system for a West Coast kayaking tour operator that built new customer relationships and positioned the company as an expert in whale and wildlife sightings.

About the Company

Spirit of the West Adventures operates kayaking tours all along the B.C. coast, including Northern Vancouver Island and the Johnstone Strait region. Their home base is on Quadra Island—a beautiful spot and an ideal place from which to explore the region. Spirit of the West’s unique kayaking experiences and attention to detail has earned them multiple awards, including a 2018 Destination BC Tourism Industry Award.

The Challenge

Spirit of the West needed to reach new customers who are specifically interested in kayaking tours in B.C. A big part of what sets this company apart from other kayaking tour operators is their region, and its potential to for unique wildlife sighting experiences—particularly sightings of humpback whales and orcas.

The company’s existing strategy did not include any methods for connecting with new customers who would likely be interested in these experiences—particularly while those customers were making their travel plans. Spirit of the West was passively collecting emails through a newsletter signup, but had no way to know how effective this newsletter was in converting the signups to bookings. Additionally, the newsletter and email content they were sending out was not being delivered on a consistent schedule. They had long been interested in developing a pre-set email sequence, but no one on the team had time to make this a priority.

All of this left Spirit of the West Adventures waiting for potential customers to stumble onto their site and reach out to them to ask about their tours.

The Solution

Hunter Digital created a customized lead generation system that converted website visitors into email subscribers, and email subscribers into future customers. This system collected contact information from web visitors at the moment they were in their trip-planning phase, then built a relationship with them—one that positioned Spirit of the West Adventures as the experts in creating unique opportunities to view whales from a kayak within the amazing setting of the West Coast.

How We Did It

First, we developed a simple, beautiful 6-page guide on when and how to see whales in B.C. that the company can offer in exchange for a web visitor’s contact details (email and first name). This guide positions Spirit of the West as whale watching experts by including everything people need to know about where, when and how to see whales in B.C., and how to view wildlife safely and respectfully.

Next, we implemented a simple and easy pop-up form for web visitors to request the guide. The form enticed customers and allowed them to enter their contact information without interrupting their browsing experience.

When a customer entered their contact information, this triggered a personalized and automated email sequence that first delivered the guide to the customer, then nurtured the customer relationship. The sequence added value, built brand loyalty and generated excitement around the company’s tours—leading the customer through a simple sales funnel that began with grabbing the offer and ended with a booking.

The Results

Our three-month project with Spirit of the West earned them an ROI of more than 200% from this program alone. The sequence generated 57 new high-quality leads to nurture and convert into future guests during the course of the project, and Spirit of the West now has a simple, repeatable and automated email nurture sequence that they can use well into the future, along with the whale-watching guide as a free offer. In the first month alone after launching the sequence, the offer created 9 new tour bookings.

Along with the guide, pop-up form and email sequence, Hunter Digital also provided Spirit of the West with an updated privacy policy that complies with the new data protection laws.

Spirit of the West now has a simple way to capture emails from web visitors, giving them more control and more ability to follow up with customers right when they’re ready to book a tour. And all of this was accomplished with no additional advertising spend beyond what the company was already doing before this project.

“The team at Hunter Digital really are masters of their craft. Insightful and patient teachers we not only benefited from their help with Lead Generation during the project we also learned a great deal about how to use lead generation and digital strategies in our business in the future. We loved that at the end of the program we also had many great resources and analytics to use going forward. Great value and great folks to work with.”

Hunter Digital Delivers High-Quality Leads

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