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Today’s travellers are overwhelmed with choice.

And unlimited choices means competition.

So, how do you break through the noise so they can connect with what you offer?

By creating and sharing valuable content your customers need to help plan their next trip.

When it’s done right, you can get your hands on what you need the most: high-quality leads—meaning direct contact information handed over to you by the exact people who are interested in adventures like yours. 

I can help you engage your customers online in ways that are honest and authentic.

I’ll help you use your expertise to stand out from other companies, build real relationships with your potential customers. I’ll turn casual followers into high-quality leads, and get them coming to your website the next time they’re looking for an outdoor experience that will help them carve their own unique path through life.

When you have a clear, focused strategy for finding, engaging and impressing your customers, they’ll remember you. And they’ll reach out to your team when they want to book their next adventure.

Marie Hunter
Marie HunterPresident & Chief Adventurer

Here’s What Happens When You Work with Me

Three months of working with me is all you need to get ready, launched and moving with your own customized lead-generation strategy.

It all starts with a complimentary 30-minute conversation on the phone. In a quick, focused meeting, we will:

  • find out where you’re at right now
  • uncover what your goals are—because priorities determine direction
  • dig into your ideal customer to understand how we can keep them engaged and lead them to a sale

After we’ve nailed that down, I’ll show you a plan for creating the lead-generating content that will work best for your specific audience— and for putting it into action to flawlessly guide your customers to a booking.

Once you’re satisfied, I’ll build your strategy for you, customizing your plan and your content to suit your brand, your experience, your team, your customers and your voice. Then I’ll work with you to implement your strategy, monitoring it and fine-tuning it until it’s delivering the results you want—and more.

Want to Try It on Your Own?

My customized, two-hour Marketing Strategy Workshop will teach you the basics of creating your own effective content marketing plan. For just $165 USD, I will equip you to engage your customers and increase sales with exciting, engaging online content.

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What customers are saying

Tahoe Mountain Sports Logo

We worked with Hunter Digital to engage our local audience as we transition from e-commerce to strictly brick and mortar operations. Once we identified our goals, Marie developed the marketing and advertising strategy, content calendar, copy, and graphics.

After all was said and done, we were extremely pleased with everything Marie did while working with us to achieve our goals. She was efficient, professional, concise with her communications and decisions. It was a pleasure to work with somebody in the marketing field that was well organized, focused on ROI and precise in her execution.

I would recommend Marie to any sized business looking to achieve a laser sharp focus on a specific campaign or initiative. We would absolutely work with her again.

Dave Polivy, Owner, Tahoe Mountain Sports

Ready to build a solid marketing strategy that gets results?

It’s time to take the brand experience your customers love, and start engaging them in a way that’s sincere and honest.

Because once you’ve become a source of excitement and knowledge for your customers, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to bring them back to your site to book a tour.

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